Online meditation sessions

Online meditation sessions

These sessions are for people practicing mindfulness meditation or wishing to discover it. This is a Medit’Entr’Amis activity and I invite you to read the characteristics of the MeditEntrAmis activities here.

The principle of online sessions is to meditate together (unless otherwise specified, these are unguided meditations) while each being at home by videoconference. We use the Zoom software that can be installed on your phone, tablet or computer. A password allows access to the online meditations.

The times of the online meditations are indicated on the schedule.

It is possible to arrive during the session (for example if the duration seems too long).
It is good to stay until the end of the meditation which is signaled by 3 gongs.
After each session, discussions are possible between the participants before saying goodbye.

In addition, guided meditations, open to all and suitable in particular for beginners, lasting about 30 ′ are performed on demand. Guided meditation groups operate on prior registration and at times adapted to demand.

I can help you install and use the Zoom software (site: To access the session, the room number to indicate to the Zoom software is as follows: 510-685-540. The current password is 2357