The Medit’Entr’Amis project

Medit’Entr’Amis project aims to offer group activities focusing on mindfulness meditation and life in full presence. Mindfulness meditation allows you to be better with yourself and with others, to develop a peaceful vision of life and to be able to live your life in full presence. (It is sometimes called full presence meditation or mindfulness or vipassana meditation.)

Medit’Entr’Amis is a non-profit project implemented by Yannick and Pascal to concretize their commitment in a secular and non-sectarian vision and practice originating from Buddhist philosophy.

What are the characteristics of a MeditEntrAmis event?

A MeditEntrAmis event has the following characteristics:

– group meditations : there is always group meditations.(read at the bottom of this page the sections why meditate, what type of meditation is used, the benefits of group meditation),

– community life: in particular with everyone participating in different tasks such as preparing meals, doing the dishes, and for residential stays participating in household tasks,

– open to all interested people: of all ages, ethnicities, cultural and religious heritage, all socio-economic groups, sexual orientations and gender identities,

– a non-profit basis: The only costs which intervene are according to the stays the cost of the meals, distributed between the whole of the participants, possibly a modest participation in the expenses of lodging. This is specified on the page of the event.

The activities and stays take place at two locations located in Brittany in the south of Finistère. One is at Pascal‘s, is called Ty An Avel and it is located on Audierne Bay in Plovan. The other is at Yannick‘s, is called La Muditā and it is located 15 km from Quimper in Plogastel Saint Germain.