Vipassana stays

Vipassana stays are one of the activities offered as part of the Medit’Entr’Amis project.

Vipassana stays are community life stays where meditation is practiced intensively and where noble silence is practiced throughout the stay. They are suitable for people who have had a previous silent mindfulness meditation retreat experience.
These stays, which we could also qualify as retreats without a teacher or self-managed internships, take place over 2 or more days and are therefore residential. They take place in Brittany in the south of Finistère.
The dates and locations of the stays can be found on the MeditEntrAmis schedule.

Activities offered during the stay

The main activity is mindfulness meditation sitting and walking in silence. During certain Vipassana stays, we can also have a daily practice of yoga or qigong. Teachings or films (mindfulness, Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist psychology) can also be offered.

Community life

Together, we take care of the tasks related to community life, in particular all that concerns meals (vegetarian and alcohol-free) as well as the day-to-day maintenance of the house.

The noble silence

During the Vipassana stays, we respect what is called the noble silence: during these periods, we do not communicate and in particular we do not speak except for the practical exchanges necessary for the management of community life (dishes, cleaning).


Smartphones and other connected devices are unplugged for the duration of the stay.

Information and registration request
if you plan to come to a stay, or if you want additional information, contact us.

Price: the costs for the meals are shared between the participants. There are no other fees. A donation can be made to the association at the end of the stay to allow it to continue offering activities.

– Stay at Pascal’s (Ty An Avel): there are 4 bedrooms each with a double bed allowing accommodation from 4 to 8 people.
– Stay at Yannick’s (La Mudita): there are 5 bedrooms each with one to three beds allowing to accommodate 8 to 9 people. There is also the possibility of camping when the weather is favorable.

Meditation material
All meditation equipment is on site (meditation cushions and mats, chairs also for those who prefer)

Stuff to bring
It is best to avoid tight pants for meditation. Remember to bring slippers, rain gear, shoes for walks, flashlight.

Arrival:  The nearest SNCF station is Quimper. If you come by train, we can pick you up at the station. If you come by car, we will give you precise directions to reach your destination

Vipassana stays: an example of day planning

morning (Vipassana stays):
5:30 am get up
6:00 a.m. sitting meditation – chants
6:30 am walking meditation
7h sitting meditation
8am breakfast
9:00 am sitting meditation
10:00 am walking meditation
10:45 a.m. sitting meditation
11:45 a.m. meal preparation
12:30 p.m. meal then dishes

afternoon and evening (Vipassana stays):
2:30 p.m. sitting meditation
3:30 p.m. walking meditation
4:30 p.m. sitting meditation
5:30 p.m. tea or light meal
6:30 p.m. walking meditation
7:30 p.m. meditation
8:00 p.m. teaching
9:00 p.m. meditation
9:45 p.m. rest